When a person is granted probation, the Court established a number of rules the probationer must follow.  A violation of those rules or conditions may result in revocation.  

Briefly, the standard conditions are:
  • Commit no offense against the laws of this or any other state of the United States.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol or non-medically prescribed medications or drugs.  Never become intoxicated.
  • Avoid persons of bad or harmful character.
  • Report to your probation officer as instructed.
  • Permit your probation officer to visit you in your home or elsewhere.
  • Maintain employment.
  • Do not leave your county of residence without written permission from your probation officer.
  • Pay your fines on time.
  • Pay your court costs and attorney's fees.
  • Support your dependents.
  • Pay your restitution.
  • Obey all the rules and regulations of the Probation Department.

Additional conditions of probation may be imposed by the court.  A detailed and specific list of conditions can be found within the probation judgement signed in court.  A copy of that judgement is provided when each probationer is sentenced.  You should consult your judgement and know the conditions ordered in your case.

2nd 25th Judicial District CSCD & Juvenile  Probation